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At Wee Ravers, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences for families through our unique rave events. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive environment where adults can rave, and children can join in on the fun!

With a variety of music genres and activities designed for children aged 0-8 years, Wee Ravers offers a fun filled experience for the whole family. We pride ourselves on spinning the very best of the cleanest Old Skool Garage, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Bashment & more club bangers, ensuring a family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

What to Expect at Wee Ravers - Unleash the Fun!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of non-stop fun and excitement at Wee Ravers! Our family rave events are carefully curated to create an unforgettable experience for you and your little ones. Get ready to dance, laugh, and make cherished memories together as you embark on a magical journey filled with captivating activities and delightful surprises.

Vibrant Multi-Sensory Dancefloor: Step onto our multi-sensory dancefloor, bubbles, and balloons create a mesmerising spectacle. The energy is infectious, and the music is carefully selected to keep the whole family grooving to the beat.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Our events are designed with families in mind, ensuring that everyone from the tiniest tots to the young at heart adults can have a blast. We play clean versions of your favourite tunes, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all ages.

Captivating Visuals: Be prepared to be amazed as we bring a festival-style atmosphere to our events. Child-friendly club lighting and dynamic visuals create an environment that is both magical and engaging.

Photographs and Memories: During the event, we may capture photographs and short videos that capture the essence of Wee Ravers. By attending, you grant us permission to use these visuals for promotional purposes, ensuring that your joyful moments become part of the Wee Ravers story.

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Get ready for an adventure like no other. Secure your tickets now and dive into a world of family-friendly fun and entertainment at Wee Ravers!

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